Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Infest 2015

Infest. That was a blast! Also slightly painful and bittersweet on some personal levels, but that doesn't go into this story. Had less than eight hours' sleep the whole week-end, caught up with old friends, met new ones, had interesting conversations late into the night (well, also.. "have I told you about my three wives. No, wait, have I told you?.." oh,drunken friends. Because of course I was completely sober.. oh, ok; maybe not), enjoying Project Pitchfork, Mind-in-a-Box, Mikey's AlterRed , Roi's Mechanical Cabaret.. missed quite a few bands this year but decided early that it wasn't going to be a band watching marathon, I was there to see music but also for other things. Tons of giggles over late breakfast at the Titus Salt with Laura, Blanka and a few other mad people. Mr Moxy's mad antics outside Halls in the mornings. Catching up with Jillian and Bryon. After parties in the halls in the early hours, from dancing to loud pumping music to quiet slightly drunk conversations by a ball pit (didn't get in it, should have). So much fun!

Pictures I took -so far for Friday:

and for Saturday:

pics for Sunday still being sorted out...

So looking forward to next year!
Tags: festivals, infest, life of flav, music

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