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autumn mornings in kentish town

Half term week. This means not just the schools but many of my private pupils stop lessons for the week.

Not a lot to do -oh, I have plenty of things I need to be doing, but not that many of them to a timetable. Yesterday morning met tar0r for coffee and catch-up, which was well overdue and lovely; we met at Renoir in KT, which kaerasta (best flatmate in the world, she was) used to like so much but I'd stopped going to a while ago. She had to put up with my stories of girl trouble, quasi-imagined and non-existent relationships and work and things, but she did update me in turn on the story of her life to date. It was a lovely moment in what otherwise was more or less a non-day, filled in with reading, practising guitar (not enough) and going to the gym. Ah, and editing and uploading the pics for the Renaissance festival last week-end, which I should finish doing today.
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