Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

week-end of many parts

On Friday mr lproven was celebrating his birthday at a pub in Chiswick, the so I went. The pub was ok, made me think a little bit of the Pembury Tavern for some reason -certainly not for the variety of ales on pat, mind. It was ok and it was a good gathering, though. I had occasion to remind Liam of how he embarrassed me in the summer at Infest, embarrassing him in turn so perhaps we're quits. Ok, I'll never forgive him.. :D

Saturday brought about dj_alexander's and Liz's wedding in faraway Bexley, which was a good party if, for a party of goths, not a goth party at all. Made it on time for the last train back to Charing Cross with, again, lproven, which was good. Once home I phoned (on Skype) maragotika to say happy birthday.. ended up going to bed at 4. My photos of the reception are here.

Sunday came with the most challenging guitar lesson of the week -after that, shattered, I staggered to the Landseer in Holloway for Sunday roast with a few friends, which was very and made up for the earlier horrors.
Tags: life of flav, week end
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