Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

dizzy busy weekend bizzy

Remarkably busy week-end. I should start that on the Thursday, when I went to the londongothsluts meeting at the Doric Arch -particularly since I didn't have to go to school on the Friday. I did go to deadandburied (ah, that's still there, even though Nik hasn't posted for many an eon) in Archway. That was an excellent party. Saturday was very good, if a tiny little bit bittersweet for me in parts. A couple of lessons, then to the Bart's Christmas Bazaar with my friend Jennie with the idea of buying a couple of little pressies for redd_foxx who always buys me lots of little presents for xmas and I hardly buy her anything back. Didn't find anything that would really catch me but did buy a couple of things. We left and ended up in a Nicholson's pub nearby, had a lovely catch up and finally each left for their home -I only briefly, as was going to Cavey Nik's (seems he has finally deleted his old LJ) birthday meal at Jashan's Indian restaurant in Turnpike Lane. This turned out to be very good, perhaps not the cheapest but very very nice food. A lovely meeting of people, too. I think the birthday boy was happy.

Sunday brought, apart from my most difficult lesson of the week, the Alternative Bring & Buy at the Dome in Tufnell Park. This was, as always, a lovely event. Again, I came back with a couple of small things. In the evening there was the 'after-event' party at Aces & Eights in Tufnell Park. Pizza and beers with friends.
Tags: alternativebringandbuysale, clubs, life of flav, week-end

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