Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Bank Holiday

A relatively quiet week-end -quiet because of my being skint and a recurrent tooth-ache. Apart from doing my bit to save the the Dev, a handful of lessons and, shockingly, some guitar practice. And going to a pub in Holloway for gothique1's birthday drinks, followed by Strength Through Joy, which was very good until the return of the throbbing. Of my back teeth and the left side of my face, that is. Due to various things, missed yet again the gigs of cyber_child's band The Modern (got the jinx with this, it refuses to happen and they're getting bigger and bigger so next time I'lll probably have to queue at Wembley Arena to see them, or something..) and emmelinemay's Interlock at the Slime.. Oh well, there'll be other times, I hope.

Sunday was uneventful, or rather full of ibuprofen and staying at home playing with guitar and Logic, with another visit to the Dev in the evening.

Today brought two picnics in Regent's Park, the first one that organised by blackberryqueen, with hotel_noir, pachastella, gelflyng and a long list of other lovely people. Then I wandered off into the other picnic, with another bunch of peeps who would make a very long list, including chris_damage, _abby_, mausch and nitechilde, _whitenoise and miss_soap, gothique1 and operon and a lot more..... Towards the end I left with chris_damage to go to the Verve Bullet Bar in Kentish Town for a charity cabaret which included a performance by lydiamorgan. All in all, a very good day shared with friends. I'll try to remember these moments when I'm down and thinking that the world is horrible and existence has no meaning. Well, the world is indeed horrible but it is not just that; life has the meaning we give it and it does acquire some on a day like this.

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