Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

a perfect storm in a tea-cup

Well, the last few days have been rather strange and testing. In minor ways, nothing very dramatic but all the little things together do accumulate.

The most dramatic bit (or perhaps the most ridiculous one) must be my getting run over by a bicycle while coming back from feeding a travelling friend's cat. This resulted in a fractured radius, which impacts rather a lot of what I do: I cannot drive, lift weights... more importantly, I cannot play the guitar, which makes teaching it rather more complicated -half a bar of music demonstrated to a pupil can be worth hundreds of words. Literally. I also cannot properly wash or shower or do anything that requires two functional arms. Stretching or bending my left arm results in horrific shooting pain. Moving it at certain angles produces an intense pain that is very much like a cramp. Luckily (?) the bone didn't break, just fractured lengthwise and didn't change its position. Also feeling, curiously, like I let my friend down, somehow. One good thing is that the Royal Free Hospital people reassure me it won't take six weeks for me to be playing the guitar. Now, they do require me to do exercises stretching, flexing and rotating the arm. In other words, all the things that currently make me scream in agony...

The internet situation is even more strange. I had reported that my telephone line and broadband were dead. An engineer came on Monday and sorted it out, telling me that somebody ('a contractor, surely') had just disconnected me in order to connect somebody else. He reconnected me and I had internet and telephone... for less than 36 hours. Yesterday evening the line was dead again. I need the internet for a lot of stuff, partly for my teaching (I do a couple of online lessons) and communication with my pupils in several ways, apart from everything else I use it for. If that engineer was right I might be getting a sort of war of attrition, if BT/Openreach are going to be coming to fix that line for it to be pulled by ... whoever is doing it. This is unsustainable. We'll have to wait and see.

One little thing that compounds the internet situation is that I have very poor mobile reception in my flat. With luck I get enough to make phone calls (which often become warbly or get cut off). This hasn't always been the case and started about a year and a half ago. It means that in order to get some very patchy, very very slow internet I must put my mobile phone out the window and then tether the computer to it. Absurd, in these days. There's been a couple of other irritants these last few days but that's probably enough to mention. Nothing fatal, nothing big enough to warrant a good fit of sobbing screaming, but...
Tags: life of flav, the essential futility of it all, the information age

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