Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

you twist my arm...

Getting slightly better mobility on my arm, which is good. Strangely, now my wrist is hurting and creaking more -but the hospital people say this is not related to the bone fracture. Have cancelled my teaching day at the school in Highgate today. Could probably do the teaching (albeit explaining in words rather than demonstrating by playing, which is always more convoluted -and with such short lessons as they do there...) but there's a certain amount of moving kit around (guitars, amp, my own printer which lives in a cardboard box there because the school hasn't got round to giving me access to the school network so I can print on the music office's laser) involved -and I already know that with elbow injuries you tend to think it's ok, overdo it and make it bad again, so trying to avoid that.

No news on the telephone/internet front, so at the moment I'm getting a trickle of internet by means of sticking my mobile phone to the window inside a wok which acts as a reflecting dish (as per a radar dish, I'm told) -thanks to Tarquin Finch for this excellent idea that actually works. Well, works well enough for a temporary work-around but would not want to depend on that permanently.
Tags: life of flav, stuff that happens, the information age

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