Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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Another week-end, another party, yet another party again, another instance of my most difficult lesson of the week. On Sunday morning, .Because there is no better choice of time and day, but boy, is it difficult after a late night, an intense one, even if I don’t drink much (seriously, I don’t).

On Thursday there was the monthly Tufguitar meeting at the Rustique café. This time we had a new person joining, one of my newer pupils. It’s never going to be a massive thing but it does seem to tick over.

Friday… I’m worried about my Friday school. Of good intentions…. In this case, the level of organisation in the music department is… How can I put this, different to any school I ever worked for. The timetables came out wrong, there are a couple of pupils I’m yet to see at all this term so far –but then they appear at impossible times in the timetable –I would be confused -and I was. In the evening, Aces and Eights and the leaving do for a friend leaving London (pictures) . This was manic fun, with the only odd accent given by the fact that ‘the girl’ was there with one boyfriend. It doesn't do me good to see her, I’ve come to realise. It will be impossible not to, next week-end, but after that I’ll minimise contact –as I have already done. The party was amazing fun, though, dancing with friends into the night to rather bad music, for the most part.

Saturday, after lessons, and it was Aces and Eights again, this time in the basement for Consuelo’s birthday (pictures here). This, too, was delirious fun, dancing and catching up with friends. After that we repaired to friends’ flat nearby until, in my case, sometime after 4:00 am (more pictures..).

Sunday was, as can be inferred from the previous, long and complicated. A few lessons away, lunch/dinner shared with a pupil’s family (lovely but together with everything else, raising my levels of stress), finishing fixing somebody ‘s computer and explaining to the owner what I’d done. Good job I don’t have to get up early on Mondays these days.

Wrong. I'd forgotten I had a physiotherapy appointment at the Royal Free early in the morning….
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