Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

may day, may day

Ah, didn't post about the long May Day (that sounds to me a little less boring than 'bank holiday') week-end. There was quite a bit happening and also quite a lot that I missed -you cannot be everywhere at once. On Friday I went to the Negative Creep, this time at Nambucca in Holloway. Got there in time to see Nemhain's set.. took pictures, rather many pictures.

On Saturday I went to Jennie and Aya's birthday party. This was a blast and, again, there are pictures. I think I got away lightly with the roulette game.

Sunday brought about the garden party at Karen Georgina's and Lee-Anne's in West London. That garden is so very beautiful. There were lots of lovely people and also a very cute snake (did I just write that? yes, she was a very cute snake). In the evening I went to the Garage for the Voltaire/Memepunks/Joe Black/Black Volition gig -which was very good, a lot of fun. Yep, lots more pictures taken. Found myself there with squirmelia again as well as sashagoblin, _pyromancer_, Jennie and Dan and a lot of other lovely people.

Monday: went with augeas, kekhmet, squirmelia, alexmc and a couple more folk to the Other Worlds exhibition at the NHM. Of course you will have seen many of the pictures before, they being photos taken by the Cassini and New Horizon probes, the Mars rovers, etc -but presented in an interesting and informative way, accompanied with music by Brian Eno, which I was looking forward to but this (the music) was far less interesting than I anticipated and, perhaps not a lot better than my own electronic ambient doodles that you can find in one of my SoundCloud pages (that no-one ever visits, neither have you so you haven't heard them). Took pictures but none of the exhibition itself. After that we went to Tombo's, Japanese restaurant there in South Ken, and had matcha lattes and Sundaes and lovely Japanese food.

After the very busy previous weekend I was thinking I would have a much quieter one on the bank holiday/May Day one. Wasn't going to happen but it was all good, including for me what may have been some closure for a long-standing painful issue. Not the wrist/elbow, that is an ongoing story but it does seem to be getting better now.
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