Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Funny this should look like the 'quiet' week-end to come that I'd been hoping for for a few weeks in which my week-ends had been so full of things, when over half the people I know are in Leipzig for the WGT living it large. Tonight, a brief birthday meet for a friend at the new incarnation of CCK in Warren Street, tomorrow another brief birthday drinks for another friend. Will probably not do anything more than that this week-end.

Wrist slowly getting better, but still find that playing can be awkward and at times painful, in surprising ways -not necessarily playing difficult things but just finding myself putting my hand in a position it doesn't like. It does seem to finally be getting on its way to getting better, which is at least something.

Have not practised those Thomas Campion songs that I should be preparing for R.D. for a couple of days -she wasn't able to meet this week as she was unwell; I clearly need the pressure in order to work. The version I have has the original English tablature (letter for frets instead of numbers, 'a' is practically identical to 'd', etc) which I find difficult to read -my eyesight is not getting better. The version on two clefs would be quite a job (double transposition, etc, the very reading on two clefs on a guitar, etc) so I've transcribed a few of the songs to modern tab and may write them in music, guitar style (assuming open guitar tuning rather than real pitch, to facilitate the reading) so I can quickly read and play it.

So, an unusual Friday, a QNI, with Attenborough speaking softly from the telly in the distant background while I do other stuff...
Tags: børked wrist, health, life of flav, music, the bicycle accident of 2016, this guitar playing thing

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