Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Banking on the holiday

Ah, the long week-end came and went; it brought two picnics, a friend’s gig at the Fiddler’s Elbow and … not a lot more. I’ve mostly been tired all the time, doing little bits of practice on the guitar, trying not to overdo it or take it to the point where the wrist really hurts. But hurt it has –I reckon I must have done something while asleep a couple of nights ago (pushing the hand against furniture or sleeping on it, perhaps) and it has been swollen again and hurting. This never seems to end..

Saturday –it was londonjon’s first Hampstead Alternative Picnic at Kenwood House this year for the tenth year in a row. Weather was fantastic and there were a lot of folk in attendance, including no less than Jesus himself. A lot of fun, the only downside of which was that as it gets dark so late this time of year I never realised it’d become too late to go see the Creeping Terrors’ gig at the Slimelight.. There are pictures –I took rather too many pictures ….

There was another goth picnic on the Bank Holiday Monday, this one on Primrose Hill and a much smaller (intimate?) affair. There will be pictures of this one as well.

No schools this week which should mean a little more time to think about how to advertise for guitar lessons; I don’t have enough work at the moment and it is getting to the point where it is becoming worrying. This time of year I should be busy and fielding lots of enquiries, neither of which has happened. Other concerns out there, too, some of which I may elaborate on in another entry.
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