Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

the lunatic is on the grass

In between bits of teaching a French guy to play that Floyd ditty from 'Dark Side of the Moon'. Isn't it perhaps a bit odd, that connection between people from different generations and five thousand miles in between with music which was, to begin with, foreign to them and so distant?

I do have to say I didn't care that much for Pink Floyd, particularly in the beginning and even things like 'Dark Side' I only started to like retrospectively; I only paid attention to them from 'Wish you were here' and most of all 'The Wall', that story of alienation and politics and .. well, alienation.

Makes me think of me jamming with friends -certainly not to Pink Floyd, I didn't care for them then; rather to Hendrix, to Neil Young, to English bands time may have forgotten- on the steep steps in my barrio in Caracas. Another life, far away in time and distance, before I really found the guitar, in a way, when I knew nothing and all the roads seemed to be open.
Tags: life of flav, pink floyd, pop, rock

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