Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


So much stuff in this tiny flat. I decide to have a rather late spring-clean, but it doesn't go well. Do I need so many books that I'll probably never read again? What a question, of course I do. Ok, how about all that sheet music (Are you kidding? Are you talking about throwing it away? Really?). Maybe all those clothes that I'll never wear again. These trousers with the eyelets and lace-up on the sides, which I last wore in 2003 at the latest. In quite good nick still (didn't wear them much) but I'll never fit into those trousers again in my life unless I become very ill. Do I throw them away? (you can't do that; as you said, they're in good nick). Will charity shops take them? (er, black jeans with lace-up eyelets on the sides? in 2016?)

And so it goes. A drawer full of power adapters, surely these can go (but they work, don't they? one day you might need them). Ok, maybe _some_ of those power adapters will go. How about that tea service that the neighbour gave me when she moved out....?

And so we leave flavio, scratching his chin while staring at stuff that he'll end up putting away where it'd been for the last six years, till he gets another fit of reclaiming-what-little-space-there-is-in-this-flat....
Tags: flavhaus, life of flav, not a hoarder really, stuff

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