Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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Back from Infest. I don't think I'll be doing any sort of review of it. Just a few snapshots of things.

Halls: might have to revise the idea of staying in halls in the future. Apart from the slight inconvenience of carrying your own bedding (which is ok if you drive but not so if you go by train so I end up sleeping in a sleeping-bag) there was issue with the hot water supply (none in my building and my shower didn't work at all, hot or cold) and, even bigger, with the electronic fob keys. Mine failed just after the man from security had come to check the water situation and left. They had to summon the person in charge of the keys and room allocation, eventually I got a replacement key from her and.. that didn't work either. They assigned me to another room in a different building. At first the key didn't open that room either. This whole thing took most of Saturday afternoon. I can see why electronic keys are appealing to them (we have them in the building where I live here in KT) but I do feel that sometimes hi-tech is not necessarily the best solution.

Apart from that, it was an excellent week-end. Missed a lot of the bands on Saturday and a couple on Sunday but some of what I saw was excellent. Two bands that I didn't pay much attention to the first time round, with different reactions: I really loved Pop Will Eat Itself. I was reminded that I didn't care much for Atari Teenage Riot the first time round -well, from the sample I saw, I still don't. 3Teeth was an excellent headliner. And there was That German Band. The whole naked-on-stage thing struck me as a gimmick at first, but the whole act was very well put together, the music was good if a little bit commercial-sounding... I'm told (by a female friend who is a long standing fan of theirs) the whole substrate of the thing is that they simply hate men. I'm also told that their main constituency is 50 year old men, at which I replied at first 'that cannot .... wait, yes, I can see that'. There is an audience for that.

This time I didn't go to any after-parties and simply went to my room when the venue closed at 3 am -praying that the key fob would work and open my room. Social thing was fantastic with friends old and new and much, much laughter and mirth. Coming back to the real world wasn't that easy.
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