Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


So, the summer ends but my school term doesn't yet begin and many of my private pupils are, even now, still away. So I'm facing the situation of having something like three thousand pounds expenditure and, until the schools pay me and my remaining pupils are back, only six or seven hundred pounds coming in. So I have a small problem. A temporary one (although you could say it is one that comes with the territory, the inevitable periodic outcome of having chosen this profession and lifestyle). If you hear of anybody that might want guitar lessons, or a school needing a guitar teacher, I would love to hear.

I may be losing one of my schools as there are practically no pupils wanting guitar lessons this school year -I wasn't happy with the way they worked and it was not much of a contribution to my income but still... on knowing I might not be back the parents of one of my pupils there, a bright kid that just now did a Grade 6, contacted me to start private lessons. There are a couple of possibilities of teaching work that I have been contacted about, unlikely (age, etc) but you never know, so we'll give them a try (interview for one this week). So, prospects mid-term are good, if I manage to survive the next month, month and a half. At least there is that.

That is the situation in my small bubble of the world, but also in the world at large there seems to be an expectant pause, waiting to see whether our worst fears are confirmed or whether we get the lesser of the possible evils -thinking of Brexit, Syria, Venezuela my old country, certainly, but also of the US election, on which hangs so much of the fate of the rest of us who don't have a say or a vote in that decision.
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