Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

wrist update

I've now been discharged from the Royal Free's physiotherapy service. It'd been a few weeks of no pain in the wrist, no major discomfort. Of course, no sooner I was discharged, maybe with the weather change, the wrist started hurting again. I can play but seem to have reverted to some hand positions being painful. May have to go through various bits of advice I had been given by various people on what my options may be for having this looked at and looked into.

Curiously, the whole thing has resulted in loss of playing function in my right hand (the affected wrist is my left's) probably because I had stopped practising for a couple of months -I've been slowly working on recovering control on my ring finger, on tone and velocity in general, which I feel I had lost somewhat. I expect that'll increasingly be the case as years advance, that it will take ever more effort to keep in playing condition and retain my capabilities as a player. I already had observed that I cannot play remotely as fast as I could even ten years ago -but that is to be expected, your physical capabilities as a player peak around the 30 years of age and slowly decline thereafter -although that wasn't quite the case for me as I started so late and at that point was only beginning to get into the swing of things and learn what I was doing.

Thinking of doing a couple of short recitals in January (I don't think I can as yet contemplate a full-on full programme, which would require me to practise four hours a day or so). About 40 min of music, half of the programme being those preludes by Ponce I've been putting videos and sound clips of on Youtube and SoundCloud; not as demanding as Bach's Chaconne, for instance, but beautiful and satisfying to play and listen to.
Tags: guitar playing, health, the wrist sprain 2016, wrist

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