Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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The Thursday dinner. On Wednesday.

So I arrived home last night to find it full of merry people,
Nicola having prepared another simple but excellent pasta dinner, wine flowing freely, more people in my living room than i would have thought possible to fit in it... In addition to the 'family' (that's Michela, Cristina, Ricardo and yourstruly) were also, Shiraz, Simone and her sister, Mahab nounou, her friends Mariza and Jasper, Kelly and of course the chef-in-residence, Nicola

strange to have some unidentified ambient music followed by vnv, das ich, pink floyd, suicide commando and, downstairs, maldoror.. we prob wouldn't make very good DJs!

That pinot grigio was particularly nice... danger, danger, will robinson! lucky i didn't have to work today in the morning....

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