Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Tabloid politics....

Kilroy-Silk: "so you came from Sarajevo as a refugee in '94..."
Clueless pawn of forces he doesn't understand: 'Yes, sir' (and, star-struck, asking for an autograph....)
K-S: 'Beautiful city, isn't it"
CP: 'Yes, sir'
'K-S: "A peaceful one, too"
CP: 'I don't know, sir...'
K-S: "And, when are you going back there?
CP: "Pardon, sir"
K-S: "When are you going back there?"
CP: "Oh, next July"
K-S: "Why not tomorrow?"
CP: "Sorry, sir?"
K-P: "Why don't you go back tomorrow..."

spiteful little over-tanned creep...... living on people's prejudices and irrational fears. I suppose I too should go back tomorrow, I've only been here twenty years....

sorry, political rant, you can skip.

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