Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

it came and went...

.. the snow, that is. That was a somewhat expensive week for a self-employed music teacher, with lots of lessons cancelled -but at least I managed to do my three days of teaching in schools without major mishap -or at least without any caused by the weather.

Apart from that, not a lot to report. Went to see a friend's band at the Black Heart of Camden -perhaps appropriately, a black metal band. Have to report confirming once again that, although they were quite good and proficient, black metal isn't quite my thing. That was almost my only outing of the week. Tripped on the ice and slush a few times; at least I didn't break anything -can't afford the eight weeks in a cast! And almost at the end of the cold snap I found about those snow walking over-shoe things (amazon link here ). They're ridiculous but they seem to work,

Lastly, have yet another snow photo, of my little corner of Kentish Town at sunrise:

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