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The flu, or whatever it was, lasted only four days. Or rather, the shaking, fever and constant coughing plus extreme tiredness did. I'm still coughing and I'm still tired all the time, two weeks on. Not looking forward to the beginning of term next week.

Things that've happened in these two weeks: the short answer is 'not a lot'. I did go to Oxford to meet a friend there last Saturday, tramped around town, ate street food at a street market (there was a Venezuelan food stand but I only realised after we'd ordered at some other place so missed on that but did make contact with them). Went to the Ashmolean Museum and went upstairs and downstairs many many times to have a close look at pretty much every single exhibit... I'm making it sound bad and it wasn't, it was a lovely day but I was still in the aftermath of that flu (or whatever it was) and it drained me completely.

Having finished the book for this month's Bibliogoth ('Wanderers' by Meg Howrey, which I enjoyed but didn't take me as much as I anticipated it would) and in spite of having another three books on the go, I decided to re-read 'Anathem' by Neal Stephenson. And straight away I found myself submerged in that world and its people. I'm in a tiny minority on that one (check the scathing Amazon reviews) but I love that book and it is perhaps the one that has made the biggest impression of the books I've read for a long long time.

Not much energy for proper guitar practice so I've been reading some music that I'd played many years ago and some new music (if you can call 'new' something written in 1588 or thereabouts).

On the whole, then, flavioworld is quiet this week and it is good that it is so, I need to gather and recover my energy for the many things awaiting ahead. The world outside sounds more and more alarming by the minute, one almost feels the screaming, swivel-eyed hordes with torches ramming the gates of the castle. But the world was always like that, perhaps and we just didn't know. Of course you didn't have a megalomanic narcissistic fascist at the helm of the most powerful nation on earth and the country I've lived in for the last 30 years wasn't questioning my right to be here before. And my original country wasn't yet being ravaged by a combination of astronomical incompetence, all encompassing corruption and a blinkered view of the world that admits no mistakes and no wrong on the part of the people leading it.

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