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Easter break but I'm rather very broke. The only upside of that is being able to get up late, practise a lot of guitar and read a lot.

Seeing all the waves of grief and then counter-grief about the destruction of Notre Dame, people asking people to donate to causes that benefit people instead... which is fair enough, there is so much in the world that needs fixing and that needs help. To an extent, though, I feel it is a bit like when people say we shouldn't have space programs or Large Hadron Colliders because there is poverty or hunger. The problem, as I see it, is not that there are space programs etc. It is not an either/or situation. There is value in all those things that merits the investment, and there is need that needs to be met and probably could if all the riches being made in the world weren't tied in next quarter's profits and the greed that is encouraged by the system we live in.

Dentist today. Root canal treatment, just when I cannot afford those things but had to be done. That did mean that today there's been less of all that reading and practising guitar, particularly now that the anaesthesia has worn off...

Need to get a few more private pupils, Instead, I've lost my star pupil who'd just done a fantastic Grade 8 and was preparing an ARSM diploma because the family are having difficulties. Funny roller-coaster times.

Finished reading the latest (maybe the last?) instalment of 'The Expanse' books, 'Tiamat's Wrath'. I loved it. Isn't perfect -there are some points in the book where you almost shout at one character or another "Why are you doing that, that's really stupid" but, overall, it is very very good at its mix of character and politics drama and the awe in the face of titanic forces in the vast canvas of the story.

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