Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

and the living is easy...

Much better like this, 21ª rather than 34.

Perhaps ridiculous that, having grown up and lived half of a long life in the tropics, I get on so badly with hot weather. Even so, this time of year feels 'natural' and like it should be the natural order of things -which of course it isn't, necessarily- after having spent my formative years in a part of the world where it is 'like this' for two thirds of the year or more.

Also, the summer means a month and a half of not having to get up early and deal with those schools I teach at... but, conversely, it means I get no income from them. Swings and roundabouts. Need an alternative means of income, clearly. Can't even think of retiring, even though at this age I s'pose I should contemplate it but it is not an option -but that is a bit long to explain here. I would prefer just to have a few more private guitar pupils, but may need to cast the net a little wider.

In the meantime, enjoying the sunshine and the slightly emptier days, practising guitar for my only oncoming summer gig...

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Tags: life of flav, stuff

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