Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

like a used-car salesman?

Something I wanted to mention was the strange and bizarre experience of buying that second -hand car. I saw one that looked right on the RAC used cars page, contacted them and went over. It was a trader, which I knew and was pondering over the lottery of buying a second hand car off somebody on the street or from a trader -there are pitfalls and dangers in each and you have to pay the trader more than you would a private seller, in exchange for an insignificant and probably meaningless warranty, but... still.

So I went over in my old 25+ year old Laguna. The dealer turned out to be a huge operation, with over a thousand cars on site and people milling to and fro. The stereotype about used car salesmen.... well, my experience of this tallied perfectly with it. Their loud banter and slapping each other's back while telling me how they're going to be really good and give you this or that as a favour because we like you and did you really drive here in that or did you bring it on a recovery truck? Wah, hah hah etc. I found the whole thing terrifying and I suspect that is the entire purpose of the show, to overwhelm you so your critical capacity goes away.

It was the car I wanted and, thus far, there seems to be nothing wrong with it, but...

That was a strange experience.

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Tags: car, cars, life of flav

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