Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Floating down the currents towards the week-end, here come the rapids....

OK, no Whitby for me this time.

Went to see cyber_child's band, The Modern at the Islington Academy. I was well impressed with the band, who I had not heard. They'll go places. I was a little less impressed with the venue. Met Sam and andyknifton there, Andy was going to go up to Whitby with Bob after the gig; Sam came back to Camden to the Dev with me. And there we found... a sleeping beauty and hotel_noir, Felicia and miss_kat and a couple of other people. Bit ofe a pain that they wouldn't let gelflyng in, as it was just after midnight. Strange to be talking to her on the phone from the other side of the glass, her lips moving a fraction of a second after I heard her voice.

Bits of chat and beer ensued, Sam went to the Ballroom and I... just went home as I have quite a busy day today...

I have three parties later. Hm, how am I going to do this? There's irisetta's party, then madbird's birthday cocktails, much later there is party at dj_gassmann's and silkyfish's... life still is like London buses...

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