Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

of the morning rituals of the flavio

Ah, it's no longer 6:00 am. It was when I got up. The usual routine on a school day: phone alarm rings, I snooze it but do get up. Check email, etc while I swallow the pills that that young doctor prescribed me when she said 'no salami, no cheese' and I replied 'you mean, life without parmigiano and mozzarella?'. She didn't look happy but I probably looked more unhappy when she said no cheese. Brush teeth, a six or seven minute operation in which I get to believe in karma, getting to pay as I do for all the years I thought that scraping a toothbrush across my teeth for ten seconds was brushing my teeth. Shower -I finally replaced the faulty shower bar so I can enjoy warm showers instead of that test of character of early morning cold shower; I don't need my character tested.

Ok, so change into the clothes I'll wear for school, a milder version of what I would wear any other time except without the silly boots or the belt with studs and instead wearing a tie. Make an arepa for breakfast (see Wikipedia for arepa), see whether I have some mozzarella left (see above), make coffee (the most important bit of the whole ritual) and serve some orange juice.

Once on the street, hope that the 393 bus is not too packed, too full of screaming children and schoolboys listening to music or watching things on their phones at full tinny volume without headphones... this is not the best part of the morning ritual and I'm kind of grateful that it only has to take place twice in the week.

Once in school, sign in (twice), then spend the ensuing twenty five minutes getting the classroom in a state that I can actually teach in it. It is the drumkit room and is used for other things so it is usually a tangle of cables, amps and other gear in s state that would not be too dissimilar to that if a hurricane had swept through. Then I'll have to hope that the first pupil remembers their lesson time or I'll have to find where in the school they are and fish them out of wherever it is.

Teaching music is not a bad thing, it is certainly better than many other possibilities, for sure better than destitution or playing in Underground stations (I did that for three years back then) but it comes with an assortment of small and not so small annoyances -it is certainly not what I thought I'd be signing in for when I started studying music all those years ago, but hey. Yes, it is better than many alternatives.

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