Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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week-end things

I thought I'd have a quiet week-end. In some ways it was but it still was full of social. On Friday I met with the folks of the u.c.s.m (that's uk.comp.sys.mac if you are old enough to have used the old Usenet) to have our annual dinner in Merkato, a remarkably cheap and good Ethiopian restaurant in Cally Road. This whole thing started about twenty years ago when there was an Apple expo at the Design Centre in Islington. 'Oh, yeah, they have computers' we said. 'What do we do now?' 'Let's go for dinner at this Ethiopian place I know...' somebody said. And of course Apple Expos are very much a thing of the past but we have been meeting for that dinner in Merkato ever since.

On Saturday I only had a couple of lessons (this is a sign that I shouldn't do so much social, I can't afford it) and then there was a double birthday with the Goths at an Italian place in Green Lanes. The decor was amazing (which I always find alarming), the company was excellent, the food was.. ok and either a few people left without paying or the restaurant made a few 'mistakes' as I'm told that there appeared a £100+ shortfall in the bill when everybody had paid (I had indeed paid and left by then). My friends are now talking of always splitting that sort of bill equally so that cannot happen, in which case I won't be able to come to their events, as I'm always skint, always go for the cheapest thing in the menu and would not want (could not afford to!) pay for the rivers of wine, mountains of anitpasti that the others were having.

Yesterday (Sunday) a friend playing in a band (AlterRed) texted me to say she'd put me on the guest list for a band concert at Kolis/The Lounge in Archway, so I went. I'm glad I did, it was a very good gig by the bands I saw, but very few people.

Now, back in the real world....

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