Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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one nation, one blood, one bright future ahead blah blah blah

First Monday after B****t. On Friday some celebrated with plastic flags, some of us mourned with a little song and dance at Dead & Buried in Camden and a meal at a new Italian restaurant on Saturday. The uncertainty hasn't gone away; that 'settled status' confirmation email was in the form of a .pdf, the second paragraph of which stated that 'it was not a binding or legal document'. Reassuring as hell. Friends and acquaintances are still making plans or already leaving the country...

I'm not going anywhere. It would be difficult to start again at this age and doing what I do -it always takes me two to three years to get established with a teaching base every time I move. I do not think I have, at this point in life, the time or the energy to do that. But I do wonder whether it might come to that. The statements from Johnson are not reassuring either. I cannot retire, for reasons that go beyond this thread; I need and want to work doing what I'm good at -but that requires a prosperous economy where people can afford music lessons with me and have the time and incentive to do that; it also requires a cultural climate that values such things. It is not certain that the outcome of the nation's lemming jumping off the cliff will contain those conditions. But it would be very costly for me, in terms of practical things, energy, time and stress to move abroad. So for now I can only worry. Talking to friends in a similar situation I get the feeling that I'm only one of many. And we can only wait and see.

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