Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

What was that cat meme? "Day 3763 of my captivity..."

Life outside of this seems like a distant dream, like something that happened to somebody else, like a parallel life in one of the many worlds far, far away.

My exciting outing today was to take the rubbish to the bin store room. Then Bibliogoth on Zoom, then a lesson on Zoom, then I was going to call my guitar teacher in Venezuela to say happy birthday but ... my Skype and all microsoft accounts are blocked as somebody got into them and made £20 worth of calls to Albania -and reset the security details. Many hours of joyful webchat and phone calls with Microsoft staff tying to sort that out. Yay.

I don't need anything from outside, got food, coffee (important) guitar, internet. But I do get itchy feet. I always thought I would be quite happy to just stay in and that if I won the lottery I would do a lot of that -but it is not true, or at least not when it is imposed, be it as it is the better option rather than catching that thing that could easily, at this age, kill me.

My sleeping patterns have gone to pot. I sleep four hours one night then ten the night after. And so it goes. How are you doing in that respect? I get reports of vivid dreams and I seem to have them but even though I think I remember them clearly when I wake up they quickly wash away. They all seem to involve a lot of getting lost in cities I am not familiar with or leaving important stuff behind and spend the rest of the night in various dream plots trying to retrieve it. Do you get the vivid dreams?

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Tags: life of flav, london in times of the plague

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