Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

roller-coasters while stuck in the same place

Raining outside. It does make a change. It is a very strange situation we're living in but it kind of is even stranger if the weather outside is warm, bright and inviting.

Not enough private lessons, still trying to find a way to effectively promote this but, precisely, I ended up a musician and not a salesman; I'm rubbish at 'selling the product'. In the meantime, as I probably have mentioned before (how many times? really?), none of the help offered by the gov't. is available to me. Things not looking quite as bleak as they did in the beginning of this, though; one of my schools furloughed me but that's ok, the alternative would have been to be paid in relation to the few online lessons that would have taken place. The other school, after trying (somewhat unsuccessfully at least as far as music was concerned) to implement deferred lessons on Google Classroom, are going to start doing real time (zoom or similar) online lessons.

In the middle of this, with reduced income and the immediate future looking quite precarious, I received notification from the housing association that owns the other 60% of my flat, that they were putting up rent+ service charge by £300 more per month. Aargh. In these weird and already scary circumstances. So I sent them an alarmed email asking what was going on but also put it all out on Twitter, etc. Which.. at least thus far, seems to have worked: they sent me an email apologising and explaining it'd been a 'computer error' (hadn't heard that phrase used like that since the '80s), then a second email saying the service charge had been recalculated downwards -so my direct debit still is going up but not by £300. A small sigh of relief. I'm on Dreamwidth at http://flaviomatani.dreamwidth.org/ -do follow me there if you can.
Tags: a2dominion, life of flav, the vagaries of shared-ownership

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