Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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Yesterday I had the first face-to-face lesson with a pupil for the first time in, what, nearly six months. We were both ready to go rob a bank! each of us with mask on. She did a much better lesson that online. The rest of my private lessons are going to be online only for now though -although I do feel it is time to gently bring them back in person, or those who can. A few of my pupils live quite far away and one of those far-away pupils has just being found CV-19 positive. My schools restart in two weeks' time and they both seem to have a plan on how to go about things so we can do the work but keep safe.

I've seen people, nearly every day I go to the coffee stand by Kentish Town station and have coffee and a chat, but it is not the same as seeing my friends. Last week-end there was a distanced double-birthday picnic of friends and it was so good to see people and catch up in person, rather than mediated by a computer screen and the vagaries of Zoom et al. I'm on Dreamwidth at http://flaviomatani.dreamwidth.org/ -do follow me there if you can.
Tags: life of flav, london in times of the plague, the plague

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