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Still here, stars burn

Not a lot to relate. Not many adventures. Guitar lessons continue on Zoom and, for the two schools I teach at, on Google Meet. I still have fewer pupils than \normal' but, not having a social life in these times, I'm also spending much less so I'm 'nearly' ok, managing to get my head above the water and gasp and take in air once in a while.

I'm still putting pictures of sunsets on Instagram and putting short videos of local concerts done when such things were possible on my other Instagram. Tried a little bit of crowdfunding or sponsorship on Ko-Fi but that didn't work very well, maybe I should have gone the whole hog and started a Patreon page. But I'm not  desperate for money at this point. The worry is the medium future. At this age, I have no idea how long I can keep working as I do but it cannot be counted in decades. Last I looked I couldn't get a pension either as there appeared to be quite a few years in which there hadn't been paid the contributions in full. Must look into that but having to deal with all that sort of thing makes me lose my will to live.

Still going to Bibliogoth; the last couple of books have been interesting. The next one is 'Cold Comfort Farm' by Stella Gibbons and.. alas, I'm finding it a little difficult. It is very much not my sort of thing, which normally isn't a problem, one of the reasons for going to a book club is indeed to get some exposure to diverse literature in genres and styles out of one's comfort (sori) zone. And there isn't anything really wrong with the book but I find it stodgy and difficult to take in. rather than funny as I think it is supposed to be.

And that, and local walks in the neighbourhood but seldom to Hampstead Heath as it gets so busy even in lock-down, is pretty much it. Apart from perhaps watching The Expanse (which still is very good even though I've read the books) and Star Trek Discovery -which is.. it has its good moments and it is refreshing to see a TV show in which some of the main characters are LGBQT/non binary, but now and again bits of the plot make me want to scream. Listening to podcasts on palaeontology and cosmology in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep. Going for my one coffee out of doors at the stand by Kentish Town station. Having pretty much given up on learning to make bread properly, etc. but making beer out of a kit that a friend gave me for Christmas (the beer, a stout called 'dark matter' -cue more cosmological jokes- was amazing).

And so we go in a world with suddenly narrowed horizons, from lockdown to semi-aperture that makes the next lockdown inevitable and so we go, feeling our way in the dark and trying to move forward with our lives. I'm on Dreamwidth at http://flaviomatani.dreamwidth.org/ -do follow me there if you can.
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