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Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming

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Flavio Matani
14 July 1952
External Services:
I teach and play classical and electric guitar; teach classical guitar up to and beyond grade 8 standard. Check my guitar page for current rates for lessons, etc.</a>. Can prepare for ABRSM and Trinity Guitar and Theory Grade exams, as well as Rockschool and Trinity Rock & Pop.

Inevitably, I'm on Facebook., on Instagram, on Flicker.

Check out my 'other' Instagram where I put short video samples of my guitar playing at @flavioplaysguitar . Also on

If you like my guitar playing and might like to contribute to me continuing to be able to do it, you could buy me a (virtual) coffee! at https://ko-fi.com/flaviomatani

Venezuelan, Italian, classical guitarist, landed in London 30+ years ago and never left.

can also be reached at this gmail address.

A few samples of me playing classical guitar and doing other para-musical things here:
classical guitar samples in SoundCloud

My Facebook Flavio Matani -Classical Guitar page

I'm on tumbler https://fflavio.tumblr.com/ and http://fflav.tumblr.com.
Also some music on my page on Soundcloud (electronic/electric) and
another page on Soundcloud with classical guitar samples.

"Home is where you hang your hat... and I've got a lot of hats." kaerasta, the best flatmate in the world. Probably.

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