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Three sets of fifteen....

As I wheeze on the cross trainer (which I suppose is the machine I hate the least in the gym's repertoire), I notice an oriental girl in black doing impossible things with gym equipment some distance away. And, furthermore, she is enjoying what she's doing. Probably nearly as much as I loathe the whole gym, beneficial as I know it to be and all...


Sink or swim

Ah... little by little, returning to the swimming pool. Must be at least four or five months I hadn't been. And pretty much back to square one, it would seem, but it doesn't matter. The whole point of the exercise is just to make myself a little bit less unfit.

Wondering whether it would not be a good idea to take actual swimming lessons. I still swim, in the broadest sense of the term, in the style you learn when your sole swimming tuition was to be thrown into the water in the Caribbean by your father at age 7. The floundering style, one might call it (er, wait a minute, what's all this about sole and flounder -we have established that I ain't no fish, exactly...)

I enjoy the swimming part of it. Not so much the changing room rituals, makes me feel I must have been thrown back to my much hated secondary school PE. I may have stopped in the winter in good measure because of that. When I catch the place on a quiet day with not that many people it's not so bad. Today was one of those.

Must think a bit and perhaps make enquiries about those swimming lessons.
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Couple of hours of gym/swim. The gym bit, as usual, totally loathsome. Having to listen to industrial music at maximum volume and the trash tabloid music the gym regals us with still overpowers it, at least on the quieter bits. Yes, I know, I'll have to get noise cancelling cans. As I understand it, though, those are very good for constant humming noises like ariplane engines or traffic, but not noises with spikes in frequency or volume. The swim bit, though, was lovely. The building of the KTSC is actually beautiful and there is something of the ship to it. The main pool hall makes me think of the inside of the Battlestar Galactica hangar decks, only done much better. Shame about the trashy music in the gym.

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Just back from gym/swim. Still hate the gym bit, beneficial as it undoubtedly is -hadn't missed the extremely loud trashy tabloid music or the seven screens with tabloid TV. I do very much love being in the water in the swimming pool but the changing rooms worry me; they smell like something had died there a couple of weeks ago. I don't think I'd die of anything I catch in there but I do suspect it could make me feel very very ill,

So, next in the physical fitness accessory purchase list: a set of noise-cancelling headphones. Not that I can afford what a good pair of those might cost at this moment, the thinnest end of the end of the summer for me. And flip-flops, when I remember -no, I don't actually possess a pair of flip-flops. Or pyjamas, for that matter, but that's another story.